Why I Create and Offer Guidance

"Whatever you have on your walls in your home, office or wherever you spend your time infuses into your core being every day and effects how you feel. Beauty uplifts the spirit and ambience of a place and a life. Nature holds an abundance of this. I feel a passion in bringing calm and inspiration into people’s lives to give relief and peace to you" Liz Shewan.

Just received a painting from Liz Shewan which is absolutely beautiful. I saw the picture first over the internet and was really pleased but when I saw it in real life I was blown away.  The animals in the painting seem to come to life as I look at them which seems to take me on a journey.

Adam Childs
Dorset, UK.

I have continued to enjoy Liz's wonderful art over the years and most recently I purchased the absolutely gorgeous 'Penguin Pair' created in pen and ink and vibrant watercolours. I absolutely love it! I wanted to comment here particularly to say how much the meaning of this painting resonates with me at this particular time as during this coronavirus epidemic my partner Steven and I are separated by geography, finding ourselves on different continents and looking forward so much to when we can be together again. To me the painting represents how much we love sharing life's journey and being by each other's side. I've always loved penguins too and it makes me smile whenever I look at it hanging on my wall. Thank you so much Liz, it's perfect. Xx

Zoe Dixon
Lancashire, UK

Nothing would prevent me from having more energy healing sessions with Liz. As a result of these sessions I have experienced increased intuitive skills, growing awareness of energy and how it works, better energetic boundaries, energy skills that help me connect with myself and others, old patterns have dissipated, new more helpful patterns have taken their place, increase in trust of myself and spirit, better quality of relationships, I catch unhelpful patterns sooner and take more appropriate action. I’m more aware when something is trying to hold me back and my attachments to it/them. The sessions give a solid sense of support and for me it is a great benefit knowing that I have someone I trust to support me. The info I’m given is easy to understand, authentic, accurate and most importantly – relevant. Of course, all information is open to my personal interpretation, but I discuss this with Liz and we make sure we understand each other! I’d say the most useful aspect that I have gained from the sessions is that Liz can see my blind spots. She can see those things that are driving me that I’m not aware of or am resistant to face. This is ESSENTIAL to help me progress in life. I really enjoy working with Liz because she works WITH me. Helping to strengthen my own intuition and trust in myself, supporting me to gain insight quickly, and telling me straight when I’m doing something that no longer serves me! I do recommend Liz to people – and this is because she is authentic, highly skilled and accurate. I say ‘Liz works with your soul. This is deep healing work that makes a difference quickly, and you’ll see the changes in your day-to-day life. You have to put in equal effort, this is not a passive process. So if you want to make changes, gain more clarity and work through where you are now then Liz can help you. Most of my sessions with Liz have been via Skype. We connect energetically and work just as we did when I met her in Devon. It’s so good to have access to working this way. It’s enabled me to continue working with Liz as I now live abroad.

Melanie Swan

I have been working with Liz for some years now. And thereis a reason why I keep coming back. Her spiritual know how and her ability sosee and work with energies is outstanding.

She is a veryintuitive psychic and share her insights during sessions which allow me to tuneinto my own deeper understanding of myself and what is going on around me. Ilike her as a person as well. She is a strong, wise and gentle person. And shehas humour.

She has helped me with getting rid of unhealthy ties to thepast and People. We often think of healing as some energy from outsideourselves coming into us. But healing is also getting rid of bad energies andunhealthy attachments in our spiritual body, and Liz is a master healer in thisregard.

I have felt good things starting to happen to me afterhealing sessions with Liz. Better finances and gaining more inner power andempowerment in many aspects of my life.

I invest a little in myself every month, and that meanshaving a session with Liz. That investment seems to flourish in every area ofmy life.

The very highest recommendations from me.

Claudia Pavia

About Liz


Artist, Tarot Readings, Energy Healing, Store Owner

Hallo and welcome...I’m Liz Shewan (also known as Elizabeth) and I have been creating all my life, my favourite place as a child was in the art room, and not much has changed since! I have been a professional artist for over 20 years, and during that time I have explored MANY different mediums and styles - you can always tell it’s my work, no matter what I create I have been told – be it drawing, painting, sculpture or jewellery.  Everything I create holds a purity of silence and spaciousness, with their simplicity they allow each one of us to bring our own story/schema to the image. I aim to ‘Inspire your Heart’ and create peace. My philosophy is simple: energy is everything, so work at creating peace and all will be well!

The heart, being the centre of human power, has an intelligence and intuition that helps us to connect to the great spirit of all things. Igniting that connection within you I aim to inspire being, not doing. To inspire peace, kindness, indulgence in the most important things. Being lost in the moment. Being able to let go.

I have fairly recently joined an artist co-operative at the Cygnet Gallery in Shaftesbury where I have a small permanent display of my paintings, sculptures and cards which you can visit during opening hours. If you would like to meet me in person then we can arrange a time with me to meet there... I am there manning the gallery once a week and the rest of the time I am in my studio tucked away somewhere else.

At the moment I am also designing a tarot deck called ‘The Hare Tarot Deck’ which I will then launch using Kickstarter. If love tarot and you love hares then you can follow their design progress to launch here.

In addition to being a professional artist I read the cards and offer energy healing and psychic counselling/soul work. I help my clients understand how energy works in our lives. Once you understand how it works you can get better at navigating relationships and making balanced conscious decisions that can help steer you wherever you want to go in life in a calm, balanced and content way. I do help you with energy clearing and stuff in times of difficulty during a session or when you feel you need the added assistance of another’s energy to help shift something hefty, but I don’t do all the work for you, I encourage personal responsibility all the way otherwise you are wasting both your time and mine! In short: It’s all about you feeling OK in your own skin no matter what. You can find out more about energy healing here and about tarot readings here.


THERE MAY STILL BE DELAYS IN SHIPPING DURING THIS TIME.  READINGS AND HEALINGS ARE BEING OFFERRED ONLINE ONLY.  Please check here for current information with regards to lockdown deliveries and other info here.

You can buy from my store online AT ALL TIMES, it is up to date and you can see my wide range here only.  

The Cygnet Gallery in Shaftesbury is now OPEN again. We have put all thee appropriate measures in place for the safety and wellbeing of our customers and team. We look forward to welcoming you, opening hours 10am to 4.30pm Monday to Saturday. (I am personally in the gallery generally on Friday mornings. Please contact to check if you would specifically like to meet me as this sometimes changes).

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The Cygnet Gallery

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